Alexis Pureté
Alexis 5
Alexis's current artwork
Vital statistics
Position Student Counceller
Age 14(at start) 19(at end)
Status Living
Physical attributes
Height 157cm
Weight 45kg

Profile Edit

Alexis Pureté is the main heroine of the Aeon-Twelve Series, she is also the main Protagonist of Genration II.

She is an extremely kind and innocent girl, she always gives people second chances and never puts anyone down. However, she is very unstable and her mind will break easily if you know where to poke it.

Due to lack of parents throughout most of her childhood, she has a very childish and inquisitive air about her, she also lacks a lot of common knowledge such as the general nudity taboo. Despite this, she knows the human mind better than most people do, even becoming a counceller who works with kids in need of therapy.

She tends to mostly fake her complete happiness in order to try and make those around her happier, she is actually more uptight and stubborn then what she is around others, often giving up quickly when things are hard and getting into a lot of arguments.

She is often talked about in legends as "The girl who killed Destruction"

Appearance Edit

Alexis is a young Human girl with "lemon-lime" Blonde hair, a frail build and thick legs. She is also very short.

She normally wears a green and dark green hoodie (Originally worn by her mother), a white shirt she stole from her school and incredibly tight shorts.

Abilities Edit

Alexis Is very acrobatic and lightweight (although a little off-balance at times), she specializes in dodging to avoid physical contact, Alexis also has limited knowledge of Aura control, but despite her lack of knowledge, she has one of the most potent auras of any human being, she mostly uses it for healing and deflecting attacks.

Story Edit

Alexis was born to Ariel Pureté and Pryce Pureté in the city of Riveré in Eauxland, due to the disappearance of her father after the war he was in ended, she was given a mostly sheltered childhood with only her mother and sister. after her father came back, he was severely mentally damaged from the war he was involved in, in the insanity, he killed his wife. Alexis and her older sister Aria Pureté ran away from home and lived in the streets with some kind homeless folk.

Mentally scarred after the death of her mother, she vowed to become the very opposite of what her father had become. She decided to live life as a (Mostly) Pacifist and peace maker.

Other Info Edit

Measurements: 30-27-42.

Birthday: 21/3/2075

Likes: Smiles, Making Others Happy, Soap Operas and Making Art.

Dislikes: Haters, (most) Rich People, Criminals and Strict people.

Hobbies: Art, Music, Tennis and Over-analysing the minds of movie characters.

Fears: Needles.

Friends: Miles Vernon, Christina Lewis, Roxie Brooks(Final Game), Amber Solntse(Final Game).

Enemies: Pryce Pureté, Luke Blaine, Jennifer Foster and Raven


Song Purpose
-=Vraie-Pureté=- Alexis's Theme

Trivia Edit

  • Alexis was originally designed as a mascot for my LUIGIFAN222 username.
  • She was originally supposed to be the past version of Cody Blaine's mother.
  • She was the 3rd protagonist to be created.
  • In her original design, she wielded a gun katana, this weapon would later be given to Ariel Pureté
  • Alexis farts the most of any character, both in story scenes and in a secret attack.
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