Amber Solntse
Amber's Current Artwork
Vital statistics
Position C.F Lab Experiment
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 161cm
Weight N/A

Profile Edit

Amber is the Protagonist of Generation V. Amber is a cold, quiet and distant girl who tries to keep to herself out of fear of being hated for her mutations (and her otaku-ness). While she rarely talks out loud, she constantly inner monologues to herself. She is very snarky and quick-witted about everything, often taking pot-shots at everything everyone says, usually in a very condescending tone.

Appearance Edit

Amber is a mutated human with dyed black hair, and a small frail build. She wears a cosplay outfit based on the character Jing-Wa, this outfit includes a Chinese style dress and tight shorts.


Amber's Natural hair

Story Edit

Born in the C.F's laboratories in Nologiya, she along with her twin brother Archie, were born to be tests for the SIN drug, She took 1 a month, this mutated her arm and leg, giving her fire powers in those limbs. Due to her being raised in a lab, she has no social skills, and only knows a few people: Grandmaster Rika, Arianne Pureté and Archie Solntse. Knowing of Rika's heroic acts, she began to look up to her, and decided to join the C.F military squad. Due to lack of outside communication, she was limited to watching Aris's DVD collection for entertainment, she gained an obsession with Sentai shows and anime through this. After her brother escaped from the lab taking all of the SIN with him, she began to search for him with the help of Aris.

Other Info Edit

Likes: Anime, Sentai shows, Cosplay and Silence. Hates: Noise, Socializing and Archie. Fears: SIN mutations.