Description Edit

The Canin are a race of part Human part Canine humanoids that live in Agranite and Sylvestre. Throughout most of time, they have been a male only race, with the sole exception of the women needed for breeding. Because of this, there are many civil wars, and as a result, they always have a small population. Many female Canin move to a small village in Sangue so they don't have to be executed.

Canin come in two types: Base and Lunar. Base are just normal people with increased speed and strength. Lunar Canin have an alternate personality that kicks in during full moons.

The Canin are fierce rivals with the Felyn.

Appearance Edit

Canin usually have the ears and tail of different canines such as foxes and wolfs. They, have the distinction of being the only race to come in every hair colour and eye colour.


A Base Wolf Canin