Cody Blaine
Cody 6
Cody's Current artwork
Vital statistics
Position Son of the President
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 175cm
Weight N/A

Profile Edit

Cody Blaine is the protagonist of Generation III. Cody is greedy, arrogant and perverted, but he is good at heart. He is the sort of person who hates following rules and would prefer to live in his own way, rather than the way everyone else does. He tries his best to be the one who makes everybody else feel safe, even if they would feel safer without him around. Cody isn't very popular with the other protagonists due to his rather annoying jokey personality. Cody hates rules, and would disobey them as long as he knows there is rules, even if that rule is pointless, and even if breaking it doesn't accomplish anything.

Appearance Edit

Cody is an average Highlander male, tall and skinny with black hair and blue-teal eyes. He wears a custom blue hoodie with teal lining, as well as custom blue-lined trackpants.

Story Edit

Born to Gregory Blaine and Maria Blaine (The world leaders of the time) in Loftus he had a lot of responsibility to carry on his shoulders. when he was 15, his father decided to declare peace between the warring halves of the "Earthwalker" race, Cody was chosen to read the speech, however he didn't show up (He was on a date at the time). Because of this, the other half of the "Earthwalker" race decided to screw peace and attacked. as a last resort, his father cut the continent in half and separate the race into two different races: Highlanders and Underlanders. Cody was exiled for this screw-up. Cody then decided to build his own mini army and take over the presidency himself so he could fix his screw-up and get payback for his being exiled.

Other Info Edit

Likes: Women, Music, Fame, Money and Freedom.

Dislikes: Silence, Transvestites and Being bound by rules.

Fears: Being unable to make his own decisions.

Born: 14/4/2185