Description Edit

The Felyn are a race of part human-part feline humanoids situated in both Akumarus and Kryos. They are a very aggressive race, often getting into wars with the Canin. They specialize in speed above all else when it comes to combat. They are separated into two sub species, Arctic and Amazon. They are an almost all female race, meaning that they usually keep a male around for breeding but otherwise exile them.

Appearance Edit

Felyn usually have ears and tails of different feline animals (although there are Exceptions) Arctic Felyn are short with low body fat, and usually have blue, white or rarely green hair. Amazon Felyn are tall, have larger muscle build and usually have pink, red or blonde hair.


An Amazon Felyn

Trivia Edit

  • In the original idea for the Felyn race, they were known as "Magnyas" and were all aura based, in this idea, they used aura to get pregnant (how wierd of me)