Ferris Riesgo
Ferris 4
Ferris's current artwork
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Age 12
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 153cm
Weight N/A

Profile Edit

Ferris is the protagonist of Generation X.

Ferris is a classic case of "Fiery Red-Head", she has a short temper, likes to fight and enjoys living life to its fullest. She lacks the ability to sit still, as she will break down if not doing anything for a long time. She became a lesbian after having exposure to nothing but women for most of her life, she also hates men due to the sexism that lead to her living in that village in the first place. Due to being a Lunar Canin, she experiences "changes" during the full moon. An alternate personality known as Freya surfaces. Freya has an extremely violent, blood lusting personality. she looses all control and reverts to her natural instincts during battle. She will never leave someone alive. When Freya is active, her eyes turn yellow with sharp pupils, and she grows an extra 8 tails.

Abilities Edit

Ferris has great strength and good speed, she has the ability to spawn large red aura claws during battle. When Freya, she is around 30x stronger/faster, she grows natural claws, and her aura spawns all kinds of weapons instead of just claws.

Story Edit

Ferris was born in Sylvestre during the 3rd war between the Canin and Felyn races, at the time, the Canin still had a males only policy, and they still executed any non royal female babies. Ferris' mother didn't like this rule and decided to run away with her daughter, raising her in a female only Canin village in Vampire territory.

Since she grew up in a female dominated society, she wasn't even aware that men existed until she left the village, so she became attracted to women rather than men, she developed a very optimistic view of the world because of the general happiness of the Canin women. She had constantly been warned to stay indoors during full moons, because of her risk-taking nature, she decided to break that rule. As the newly born Freya, she killed the whole village. Because of this, she developed a fear of the moon.

Other Info Edit

Likes: Spicy Food, Fighting, Living life on the edge and other women

Hates: Men, Doing nothing, Relying on others, Felyn people and Full moons

Fears: Full moons and Abandonment