Maxwell Blaine
Max wiki
Max's Current artwork
Vital statistics
Position Aura Scientist
Age 16
Status Living
Physical attributes
Height 173cm
Weight  ???

Profile Edit

Max is the main Protagonist of Generation VIII.

Maxwell "Max" Blaine is a rather normal person, he likes sitcoms and working on his blog. He is a scientist in the field of Aura study, he uses this knowledge to keep his childhood friend Yvonne Bombae alive. He has a need to try and help everyone around him.

Max constantly wants to stand out from everyone else, he tries to get in to different and out of character activities. He gets what he wants when he is recruited for the G.O.D.SS.

He is the descendant of Lucy Blaine.

Appearance Edit

Max is a young Highlander boy with brown hair and bright turquoise-green eyes. His normal atire is a white coat with a blue shirt and black shorts.

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