Rika Foster
Rika's Current art
Vital statistics
Position C.F Crew Member
Age 18(Gen 4) 23(Gen 5) 34(Gen 6)
Status Living
Physical attributes
Height 176cm
Weight N/A

Profile Edit

Rika Foster (Rika Katsumoto before adoption) is the main heroine of Generation IV. Rika is a very vain and competitive tomboy who loves to have things go her way. She loves to flaunt her sexy body around to manipulate men to her whim. Rika is well known for her large love of parties and drinking. most of which stems from her being raised in a high prestige family in Urbis City with only men, this is because she was orphaned as a child by her parents.

The combination of her skills, looks and C.F ranking made her into a superstar known by almost everyone at the time.

Appearance Edit

Rika is a Ragdoll-Cat type Felyn with yellow eyes and hot pink hair and fur, she is tall, has a small waist and large breasts. She wears A red and white hoodie with a short black skirt, black socks, and black shoes.

Abilities Edit

Rika possesses good physical strength, but other than that she has no special abilities. She likes to use her hoverboard: the "Rose Bolt" to fight, both as a ride, and as a weapon. She also tends to use her body to distract opponents in battle, often flashing her skirt or jiggling her breasts.

Story Edit

Rika was born in Akumarus but was later found in Urbis City in Ambitora by Katlyn Foster. She grew up with three brothers: Torch Foster, Viper Foster, and Rain Foster. The 3 brother were world renowned Hoverboard riders who worked in the C.F organization. They taught Rika their skills, she later surpassed them. she became a high ranked C.F soldier, later she became a General, and even later she became the Grandmaster of the C.F, making her the strongest military power in the world.

Other Info Edit

Likes: Fish, Men, Fame and parties

Hates: Pervs (ironically) and unstylish things

Fears: Anything involving "The Ripper"

Born: 14/2/2262

Trivia Edit

  • She was originally a love interest side character for a game based around Jayson Evans. Gen III now takes place from Rika's point of view, meaning a lot of personalities got changed during the transition.
  • Rika was originally based on Simca from the manga Air Gear.
  • Rika's outfit has changed the most out of any character in the franchise.
  • Rika was the second Protagonist to be created after Cody Blaine.