Roxie Brooks
Roxie 5
Roxie's Current artwork
Vital statistics
Position College Student
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 164cm
Weight N/A

Profile Edit

Roxie is the protagonist of Generation VIII. She is a shy Indoors kind of girl, she loves to play PC games and hates having to interact with people. However she has a very kind heart, though she has a lot of trouble expressing her feelings.

Appearance Edit

Roxie is a Human girl with brown hair, a ponytail, ocean blue eyes and a normal build.

She wears a blue hooded t-shirt unbuttoned so her navel is exposed (a weather thing) with denim shorts. Her black bra/undershirt is usually exposed.

Abilities Edit

Roxie has no substantial abilities at all, she has a tiny bit of Aura control, but she mostly uses the flash on her camera to blind opponents.

Story Edit

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